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Grindhouse School Etiquette

Welcome to The Grindhouse MMA Academy.  Please read these rules and norms carefully.  They are designed to help assure everyone’s safety and to help promote a positive atmosphere for learning.

  • Be prompt.  Arrive on time.  If you are late, please stand on the edge of the mats and ask the instructor for permission to join the class.
  • Be prepared for class.  Dressed and ready to go at the start of each class.
  • Senior/advanced students are expected to set a good example for newer students, protect them from injury, help them learn, treat them with respect and consideration.
  • Junior students are expected to look to senior/advanced students for guidance and treat them with respect and consideration.
  • Always remove your shoes and socks before entering the training area.  Please help keep The Grindhouse clean.  No eating, drinking, or chewing gum on the mats.
  • All jewelry should be removed prior to class.
  • Never lose your temper during class.  Train with intensity, but without anger and hostility.  There is no place for anger or ego in The Grindhouse.
  • Please be considerate of others and respectful to your instructors during instruction and keep talking to a minimum.  If you have a question, please ask the instructor.  Also, please be mindful of others and try not to leave class unless breaks are given by instructors.
  • Male students are required to have groin protection during groundwork, jiu-jitsu and wrestling classes.  Mouthguards, shinguards, and boxing and/or MMA gloves are required equipment and available for purchase at the Grindhouse or you can purchase your own.  Please ask your instructors/trainers for advice before buying  your own equipment.
  • Personal hygiene is very important.  Please keep your finger and toe nails neatly trimmed and clean as well as your equipment.
  • Students at the Grindhouse should always conduct themselves in a positive manner not only in the Grindhouse,  but in school, home and the community as well.  Potentially  dangerous behavior will never be tolerated.  Please follow your instructors directions carefully.  Also, there is NO fighting outside the Grindhouse.
  • During classes, if you have to move from one part of the Grindhouse to another, please do so quickly, especially when changing drills.
  • Always train hard, try your hardest and best, even when you’re tired. But most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

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