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How do I choose a school?

All Schools are not created equal!

Carefully evaluate any prospective school to ensure you make the best decision. Avoid "hard-sell" tactics, or pressure to make any decision quickly. If you visit a school and see five year-old black belts, it is a strong indication that the school is more interested in making their students simply feel good, than in teaching quality martial arts. Can a five year old begin to understand what a black belt really is? Many schools have lowered their standards for belt ranks in order to retain students.

Choosing the martial arts school that will best meet your needs takes time and careful evaluation of several factors. One of the most important elements to evaluate is the instructor/schools qualifications. Other factors you will want to consider are the facility and its location, prices, etc. Personal factors to evaluate include attitude, facility environment and comfort level. Some people have found it helpful to keep a chart or list of what each school offers, and the costs, in order to compare all options.

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