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Welcome to the GRINDHOUSE!!

Whether you have joined us to get in better shape, drop a few pounds, learn how to fight, or have the drive to compete in the cage, we've got you covered!  We have an organized, scheduled, clean, quality camp and equipment with a positive and encouraging training environment.

Now as a member, you are free to enjoy all the gym's classes and ammenities.  If you'd prefer private one-on-one cardio or MMA training at your own pace with an instructor, personal training can be booked with management.  Private sessions are highly recommended for all beginners but not necessary.

Below is a guide to starting your training with us here at the GRINDHOUSE.  The guide is broken up into three sections: get in shape, learn to fight, and compete in the cage.  Each section has just a few helpful hints to get you started on the road to success. No matter your reason for joining us here at the GRINDHOUSE, we're happy you did and you have made a great decision!!

Get in Shape:
Our MMA CARDIO classes will be hands down the BEST workout you have ever had!  Guaranteed!  Our MMA CARDIO classes are non stop, fast paced, full body work outs.  While the work out offered is absolutely brutal, take it slow during your first few weeks.  Do what you can but push yourself outside your normal routine.  You will be working with a very diverse group of students.  Seasoned athletes, cage ready fighters, men, women, children, old, young, etc.  You don't have to keep up with everyone in the class, Just do your very best!!.  Our MMA CARDIO classes are held every day, and are open to everyone.

Learn to Fight:
If you have joined the GRINDHOUSE to learn how to fight, you won't have any trouble.  We offer over 18 classes per week all focusing on different aspects of the sport of MMA and fighting.  Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, Judo just to name a few.  If contact is your concern, only students who wish to spar will do so.  Like the cardio classes, you will only ever do what you want.  Train and learn; this is definitely the place to do it

Compete in the Cage:
Unlike any other type of student at the GRINDHOUSE, those wishing to join the fight team will be required to pass an evaluation by our team of qualified instructors.  This evaluation will also include some full contact sparring with our other fight team members.  The GRINDHOUSE has been competing in both amateur and professional cage fights in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware for over two years now.  If you have the drive and desire to enter the cage and fight, you have come to the right place.


Jerry Bradley, Owner

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